Social Media Harvesting℠

Social Media Harvesting℠ provides business consulting and information services to influencers on how to optimize their ability to reach and secure access to their followers and better leverage their branding.

We provide Business Consulting Services to help you create a list where you can contact your followers anytime you want. 24/7

The Social Media platforms will never let you reach 100% of your followers.That's exactly why we created Social Media Harvesting℠ 

We are going to work with a few High-Level influencers
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"What's a small investment to market to 100% of the millions of followers you have"

*based on high-level influencers.

Who owns your followers?

The social media platforms control how many of your followers get your message. How about 4% :-/

The time to harvest is now!

You should have 100% access to all of your followers 24/7.

We are the bridge!

We are the bridge to help you get your followers onto a platform that you control and manage.

We are only looking to work with a few high-level influencers with active followers. 500k or more.

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